Monday, July 30, 2007

Our apartment

This is the kids room and bathroom. We are so glad that even though they are in the same room they have separate beds. At John and Susan's they were in the same room and the same bed - this caused a few problems with going to bed while we were there for two months (as you can probablly imagine). Madi even got up this morning and made the beds and organized their shoes in the bottom of the closet. We unpacked all of the bags last night but it wasn't done very orderly and we don't have any hangers so we had to just pile clothes in the closets. We are heading to the store tonight.

This is the kitchen, diningroom, and living room areas. Below is the balcony. Madi and Cooper call this our backyard. They like to go out there, but we have told them that they can't climb on the railing or go out without us knowing. We are on the 17th floor. We have a view of city buildings and a freeway. There is a building in the way of Darling Harbor. It is okay though.

The master bedroom "suite". We do have our own bathroom - which was a suprise to us. The other is Rylee's "baby cot".

This is a picture of how to flush the toilet. Since we had to give our kids a lesson we will give you one as well. If you just go pee then you flush the half filled circle. If you go poop then you flush the whole circle. Then it just sucks the water down - no swirling water, so we have no idea if the water goes a different direction here for those of you who have asked us that question.
It is a bit larger than we were expecting - not that it is a mansion or anything. They do come in and clean when ever we put the sign up to tell them to do it - can't complain about that.

Last night we got some much needed sleep. Rylee actually slept the best, she only woke up once to eat. Madi and Cooper woke up the same time Rylee did, because they heard her crying, this was about 4:00 am. They thought it was time to play so Kev went and slept on Madi's bed and she came and slept with me. It took them a while to go back to sleep, but they finally did and woke up about 7:30 am. Hopefully it will be a better day today with some rest.


Janae said...

We are loving your blog! We are glad you made it there safely and you are having a good time! We look foward to updates!
Travis and Janae

AmyG said...

I'm glad your getting settled. I started hyperventilating just looking at your pictures from 17th floor. I don't do heights. And I love your toilets. Maybe it helps prevent clogging!?! Anyway were excited to keep reading about your updates.