Monday, November 16, 2009


I haven't felt like blogging much last week - thus the reason nothing new came from me. Life has been a bit on the stressed out side of things. Waiting to hear back from jobs that Kev has applied for, sick kids, this new digital scrapbook designing I have taken on, and normal every day things in my life have created that stress.

Last week I thought a lot about the things I want. Some things that have been put on the back burner for us to come and life overseas. Some things that I didn't even know that I wanted.
  • a house to call my very own
  • to decorate that house any way I please
  • a garden to grow delicious veggies
  • to plant bulbs and see them come out of the newly thawed ground
  • to compost my waste and bottle, freeze, and dry fruits and veggies to last all through the winter
  • a new baby - there, I said it out loud
  • to go to family dinners
  • to stay up until midnight playing games with my siblings
  • a rootbeer float whenever I feel the urge to have one
  • Cafe Rio
  • to know what the future has in store for me and my family
  • a stop over in Hawaii on the way home when we finally get to move back
  • to laugh with my sisters until I cry and have to pee my pants
  • to see the snow on the mountains
  • to get a good deal on kids clothes
  • November to actually feel like the November I remember - fall not summer
  • Thanksgiving dinner with family

What I keep reminding myself is that when you worry about all the things you want you forget the things you already have.


Lisha said...

I think some of those are my wishes too!! Cheer up chicken your time will come. I can't help you with anything much but I can lead you to a cheap root beer float, Donald and I have been having one the last few nights. Go to the Asian grocery shop in the arcade on the walk through to the train know the one I mean, next to the optometrists. They have root beer for $1.35 a can. Or the Asian grocery stores in Eastwood, they have them really cheap too!!

You can live the dream, it all starts with a root beer float!! The rest will follow :+)

Janae said...

I have so many wants too. Although I have a lot of those on the list list is just a bit different.

Although the cheap kids clothes thing...hmmmm it is getting harder and harder here too. I haven't seen a good clearance sale in a long time.

And a new baby, awh.

Deb said...

We all have a list of wants. (Although my list doesn't have a new baby on it) You make it back to the states, I'll buy the Cafe Rio and Root Beer floats.

Dera said...

Hey sis, One of the quotes I found and put on a glass block is: "Faith in God includes faith in His timing." You can make it and then you can have all your wants. You are the best and an inspiration to me all the time. Love ya tons!!!!!!

Jones Fam said...

That list sounds so familiar! You'll get most of it in time, I'm sure. A stopover in Hawaii is a MUST! And it needs to be 5 -7 days and in a not-so-crowded spot (that's not too much to ask, is it?)

sirpa said...

I actually wouldn't mind November feeling like summer. November is such a depressing month in Finland. It's just rain rain rain and darkness. And no snow in the southern part. Oh what I'd give to bee in Oz right now!