Friday, May 22, 2009

More Cooperisms...

C: "Mom, do you know why Friday is my favorite day?"
S: "No, why?"
C: "Because I get to untuck my shirt!"
C: "Dad, look! Right here on my arm. Can you see it?"
K: "What is it?"
C: "I'm starting to get little hairs on my arm!"
S: [Eye's tear up as she is trying to control the tears from laughing]
K: "You are now a man!"
C: "Why is mommy laughing?"
S: "Kev, ask Cooper why his favorite day is Friday." [Referring to the above conversation.]
K: "Coop, why is your favorite day Friday?"
C: "Because it starts with Fry!" [Apparently we have been to Macca's way too much!!!!]

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Carli said...

I so enjoy reading some cooperisms to start the day!
(On the subject of lost Kitty, Maya lost her foxy loxy on Monday and things have been sad around here ever since!).