Friday, June 12, 2009


I have had two very wonderful ladies show me love recently with an act of kindness and I feel so blessed and loved.

Last week my friend Carli showed up at my door with this delicious banana bread. She knew we had been sick around here so she thought we could use a little something. She lives about 30 mins one way from me and totally went out of her way. I wish I were more like her.

Then early this week a package came in the mail for me. I didn't recognize the name or the address (there was only a last name on the package). This is what was inside the box
After a little research I finally figured out who it was. One of my scrappin' friends, Rachelle (Chelle's creations), sent them to me after some chatter on the SM forum about smores and my love for them. She created a really cute camping kit with these fabulous pictures of smores in them so I created a LO about my love for smores and she decided that I needed the makings.

When you haven't had a smore for a long time it tastes so good. Not only that what a thoughtful thing for Rachelle to do for me. I wish I were more like her.

So if you have a thought of something kind to do for someone - don't hesitate!! You just might make their whole day!

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mindij said...

I love moments like that! Knowing someone is thinking of you! I will be thinking of you tomorrow as I cook some s'mores over my campfire tomorrow night! :)