Friday, June 12, 2009


A few weeks ago they sent a note home from school stating that if you had been to countries affected by swine flu, Japan, Mexico, USA, etc or the state of Victoria in Australia (they are being affected badly by the swine flu) you had to quarantine your children at home for seven days.

So what about if you have someone coming to your house from a swine infested country?

Well I went and asked at the office yesterday (Kev says I shouldn't have). The secretary wasn't sure what they would have us do. After school today I talked with the big man himself, the principal, I could tell he wasn't sure what the answer was. Lucky for us we are going to Cairns anyway. Monday was the only day they would go to school. Not anymore. We just got one more day added to our holiday.

We also have visitors coming from Victoria (friends of grandma and grandpa are coming to stay with us for a week to see them). However, by the time they get to our house the seven days will just about be up so if they have swine flu they would know by the time they get to our house.

Good ol' swine flu gave the kids one more day with grandma and grandpa.

Seriously, it shouldn't be THIS big of a deal. Unfortunately the World Heath Organization just raised the swine flu to a pandemic sweeping through the world. I still think they are making too big of a deal out of it. But we got another day off of school - the kids are happy!


Cindy Staley said...

I agree with you about the Swine flu. A lot more people die from the regular flu every year. I think it's good to be cautious but sometimes I think it ends up making people panic more! Glad the kids get an extra day though!

mindij said...

We get pigs involved and all hell breaks lose!

superhey said...

We now have a family in our ward that has the swine flu! I'm with you though. I know they close schools to stop the spread, but unless you have some other health problem that will make it worse, you won't die from it. It's simple really, we all know it's out there, so if you get flu like symptoms, you go to the doctor, you get treated, your fine!