Monday, July 20, 2009


My little man is turning six. I can't believe it.
Things about Cooper:

He still likes trains, but his love is waning a bit.

He doesn't like the Cartoons that all the boys his age seem to like (i.e. Ben 10 and Star Wars) they are too scary. That's ok by me. He can stay young and innocent as long as he wants.

The kid never stops moving. He makes me tired.

He never lets me take his picture. If he does I have to be fast to capture the moment.

Every night when Cooper goes to bed we hear him hitting the wall by his bed. He has to roll around a few times before he can fall asleep. Every night it is the same thing - bang, bang, bang, then silence.
He loves Nutella and would eat it for every meal if we let him. He loves it so much he has a few stuffed animals named Nutella.
He loves to build things.
He loves to make up his own games. He comes to me and makes me write down the rules on his rules sheet. Then he puts the game in a plastic ziploc and we get to play them occasionally. Maybe he will make us lots of money one day with a game idea.
He is really good at computer games.
The piano seems to comes naturally to him. Too bad I am not a better, more consistent, teacher.
He is such a good kid. Always trying to follow the rules.
He tells me that he hates nature.
He is really loud. I am trying to accept that about him, but also think I can change it if I remind him constantly to be quiet. I think I should lean more towards the accepting side of the spectrum.
He makes us laugh all the time. His laugh is contagious and he says the funniest things.
Cooper loves to give me hugs. They are super tight and I love them. He tells me I am the best mom ever all of the time. I love that!
We love him and are so happy to have him as part of our family. We would not be complete without the boy around to keep us grounded. We need someone to help us laugh and keep us guessing.


Carli said...

Happy Birthday Cooper!! Mason was upset he missed your birthday when we got home today and found the invite in the mail! Hope your party was lots of fun xx

Lisha said...

Happy Birthday Cooper!!

Cooper told us many times when he was over here that he loved Nutella, he even made us guess what it was by describing it (it's brown and sticky). I think I was the only one that guessed it...I'm a fan of Nutella as well!! I'm a fan of Coopers too!!

Janae said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! I can't believe he is 6!

The Kotter Family said...

Happy Birthday Cooper!!! Crazy that he is 6! He's growing up so fast...Soon he will be driving! lol

sirpa said...

Happy birtday Cooper! I'm glad to hear that american parents think their kids are loud. I thought it was just me hushing my kids all the time :)