Monday, August 17, 2009


Friday August 14, 2009 is a day I will never forget. Madi entered the waters of baptism and was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was such a special day.
Baptisms in Australia are not done the same as in Utah. In Utah there are so many members of the Church that baptisms are typically held on the first Saturday of the month and whomever has turned eight during the previous month goes to the Stake Center and gets baptized and confirmed. However, in Australia there are not as many children in a typical month who are at the age of accountability to get baptized. Therefore, Madi got her own special day. She was also baptized on her birthday which is even more special. We planned the entire program and made treats to share for after. It was a busy day, but well worth all the effort.
Here is the program so that we don't forget:
Chorister – Katrina Gledhill
Pianist – Carli Jeffrey

Conducting – Nick Murphy

Opening Song – Seek the Lord Early
Opening Prayer – Rosa Bale

4th Article of Faith – Cooper Hutchinson
Scripture – Stacy Hutchinson
Talk – Brandon Carlson

Baptism performed by Kevin Hutchinson

Song – I am a Child of God performed by Natasha and Antoi Nel

Talk – Joanne Carswell

Confirmation performed by Kevin Hutchinson
remarks - Nick Murphy

Closing song – When I am Baptized
Closing prayer – Julie Carlson
When we left the chapel and headed to the font I left Rylee by the glass to go help Madi. Rylee started screaming as soon as she realized I wasn't there. Lisha brought her to me in the bathroom where I was watching through the door. She whimpered through the entire thing.
Madi said she was a little nervous when she looked up and saw all the kids with their faces pressed against the glass looking at her.
Madi was a trooper. She had to get baptized twice. The first time Kev forgot to say her name - just practicing...hahaha! Not only that but her dress bubbled up out of the water. The second time went off without a hitch.
She came into the bathroom to change and was shivering. I couldn't get her dressed fast enough.
Madi, our little missionary, invited four friends who are not members of our faith. They all came and brought at least one member of their family with them.
top row: Antoi, Madi, Bethanny, and Isabella
bottom row: Jaimee and Sophie
My mom made Madi's white baptism dress and another special dress she could wear that day. I am going to take her out sometime in the next couple of weeks and get pictures in her special dresses. Thanks mom!
We were so glad that Brandon, Julie, and Claire were here to share it with us. (Somehow we didn't manage to get a picture with them) It was a little sad that the rest of our family couldn't be here as well. We wish you all could have been here to share in our special night.
I asked Madi after we got home how she felt about her baptism night. She said that she just felt so happy. It was obvious to me that she felt happy. She was glowing. She could hardly sit still and she was giggling and smiling all night long. Madi is such a special spirit, one that we are blessed to have in our home, and we are so proud of her decision to be baptized and confirmed a member of the Church.
Thanks to all who helped to make her night a very special night. It was nice to share it with so many of you and to have so much support since we didn't have family here.
A night to never be forgotten.


Lisha said...

It was a lovely baptism, thanks for letting us share in this special occasion.

Dera said...

Congratulations Madi. Love you and am proud of the decision you made to be baptized. What a special day for you.

Janae said...

Neat! I love that she invited her friends and that they came!

Deb said...

Congratulations to Madi! How cool is that to have her own special program.

The Kotter Family said...

Oh Madi looks so grown up and absolutly Beautiful in her sweet little dress! What an awesome oppurtunity she has had to get Baptized in Australia! We are so proud of her! I think its wonderful that she was such a good example and Missionary to her friends!

The Brown Family said...

Madi looks like a princess- I love the dress. What a beautiful memory for her to have such an important day be filled with so much love, family and friends. Those are the best ever.

Thanks for sharing all the details :) I loved reading all about it.


sirpa said...

Congrats, Madi on your special day! Adiel will have his special day in October. It might be together with a girl from his class though, we'll have to see. Babtisms are usually in Finland the same they are in Australia.

Jones Fam said...

Congratulations, Madi! That's awesome. Savannah has to wait until November for her baptism even though her birthday was on 17 Aug - we are very happy for you all!

Cindy Staley said...

I agree with you stacie, I don't know how we got to have 8 yr olds! Madi looks so beautiful, so glad it was such a wonderful night!