Thursday, March 13, 2008


I seriously just had the funniest conversation with my six year old. I have to document this moment. As we were getting her clothes out before bed she was having a hard time deciding. Normally this isn't a big deal because she wears a uniform, but tomorrow is a mufti day. What is mufti you might ask - I didn't know the first time I heard it either - it is "normal" clothes. Every once in a while they get to donate a gold coin (this is either a $1 or a $2 coin) and wear mufti. So then we actually have to make a decision about what to wear to school. So anyway, we were choosing clothes. I gave her a few choices of shorts or a skirt to wear first and finally that decision was made. They we had to find a shirt to go with them. What an ordeal. Finally she said, "But, mom, Liam won't think I look cute in that one." What?! "Which Liam?" was my first question - there are three in her class. Luckily for me I have been going to school on Thursday morning to do home readers - the kids read books to me - so I at least know who he is. The next question I had, "Why do you care what Liam thinks?" "Because he likes me mom," she says with the cutest look on her face. "How do you know he likes you?" "Well, he cuddles with me and talks to me all of the time and kisses me!"
Cuddling, not as big of a deal - that is just a hug here. This is what is going on in my head. "Well, just on the cheek - well I really kissed him on the cheek mom, and only today." A little background: when we lived in West Jordan and she was in kindergarten there she liked a few of the boys and they would kiss on the lips sometimes, so Kev had her pinky promise that she would only kiss Cooper and him and no other boys until she was 25.
Finally deciding on an outfit for tomorrow, Madi chose a t-shirt that says "Science Rocks" (a hand me down from Kayla - thanks!). This was chosen because Liam likes outer space, and it has a picture of an atom ring on it so it looks like outer space. Good reasoning right?
I just had to tell Kev who was doing the dishes. She came out while I was telling him and said, "Dad, it isn't what you think!" Kev reminded her of his pinky promise last year and she said that she was still doing the pinky promise because it was for kissing on the lips, and she only kissed him on the cheek. We told her that no kissing was the best thing. Who's child is this?
I think we might be in trouble with this one!


sirpa said...

That is so cute! It's different with Adiel, though. He was counting how many "girlfriends" he has the other day, but he only meant female friends. And I don't think he's been kissing any girls yet. I think he takes after his dad and is more interested in computers than girls ;-) Last year though we had a cute conversation. We were talking about babies and where they come from and he realized that one day he's gonna give "baby seeds" to a girl. "Yes when you're married", I pointed out and he said: "Yes, I need to find me a wife first. Someone who goes to church"

Flint Family said...

Oh boy! Yep, you are in for some trouble! Girls keep trying to kiss my boys at school and I've got them trained to say "No girlfriends until after my mission!" Ha! We'll see how long it lasts.

Mari said...

Romance in Infants' school... it's funny and cute in a way. In their last school the boys would tell me of girls chasing them around wanting to kiss them. Now my little girl is probably the one doing the chasing..... And we're still a decade away from dating!!!!! :) (I hope the Millennium arrives before I have teenagers, that's all I can say!)

wendy said...

i see love is on the air. what a story to remember and tell at a later date that benefits you. we haven't had kissing at our house chasing and crushes but no kissing that i know about yikes you got me thinking about prying some more .

Suzi P said...

haha! I remember I broke up with my first "boyfriend" (6yrs old) because he kept picking his nose and eating it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of having to say things exactly as you mean them.
Love, Mom

Dera said...

Don't worry in a few years boys will have cooties. It happened with all the kids so far (except Austin). 2 out of 3's not bad right?