Sunday, March 9, 2008


We have a bush area by our house. We walk through part of it to get to the park. The bush is like the forest back home. Except they have bush areas in neighborhoods and it is like a little bit of nature in the hustle and bustle of the city. I have always loved the mountains. The peacefulness that is there and the feeling of God's hand all around you. So I also enjoy walking through the bush here, and I love that it is so close to home. Yesterday afternoon the kids were a bit antsy, so while Rylee was sleeping we left Kev at home and I took the other two on a walk. We went to the two parks that are located in the bush and walked around enjoying nature - and avoiding spider webs and big spiders. I kept telling Madi not to worry so much about the spiders that they won't hurt you and they are the "good" spiders who just catch mossies and flies. However, inside I was having a hard time with the spider factor as well. They are so prevelant here and big. So here are some pictures from our bush walk and play at the park yesterday afternoon.

I also saw the first signs of fall, yellow leaves! Not many of the trees around here loose their leaves, but there are a few.

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Flint Family said...

Wow, everything is so bright and pretty and green. I miss green. ::sigh::