Tuesday, March 11, 2008

KIDS - gotta love 'em!

Last night dinner was an eventful one. Cooper is such a chatterbox - he never seems to stop talking. They say that girls talk more than boys - they haven't met Cooper in his home environment. Finally I asked him if he could be quiet for just a few minutes - the rest of us had a few things we wanted to talk about. He couldn't even do that. I told him about a game we used to play when I was a kid called the "quiet game". We said "1,2,3...carrot" and then who ever talks first is out. He was okay to play the game until he lost within one minute. Then he looked at Kev and said, "Dad, we are not supposed to play games at the table remember. I don't want to play anymore." We had to laugh at that. We do spend an awful lot of time telling the kids to stop goofing off and just eat their dinner.

We had corn on the cob for dinner last night and I thought maybe Rylee would like to gnaw on one. She loved it and couldn't get enough. Pretty soon I looked over and she had two cobs to chew on. Apparently her dad had given her another one.

Madi loves to help me take the clothes down off of the line. Usually, when I go out to get the clothes she is following closely behind. She pulls up a chair and moves it around as she needs to. Last night I asked her if she would go and start taking down the clothes while I finished up something and got FHE ready. She told me not to worry about coming out and that she would do it all by herself. She is such a big girl and a great helper. It was nice because she had been getting into trouble all afternoon and had many things taken away as punishment.
While Madi was out taking down the laundry Cooper went out to play with his tennis racket (a council clean-up find!). I went to check on the kids and this is what I saw at the back door. She just loves to be outside with her brother and sister.


The Carlson's said...

i love you posts, sorry I haven;t commented in the last little while, I forget about the computer sometimes, but you kids look happy and healthy. Rylee is so super cute and getting cuter by the day. Love you guys lots. miss ya

Mary Bagley said...

We haven't heard from our son, Elder Bagley in over a month. Just wondering if if he still in your ward. If you have seen him recently, please email me at marybagley@comcast.net. Thanks again for having him over for dinner. By the way, your children are adorable.
Thanks, Mary

Janae and Travis said...

You are eating corn on the cob? I am soooo jealous! That is one of my favorite foods. It is so strange that it is becoming fall there. It is getting warmer each day here! YEAH. We had so much snow this winter it is so nice to see green. I think we will go play at the park today.