Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can you say... "1 hour and 45 minute commute?"

How lucky are you? You get to hear from me twice in one month (make that two days -- wow!)! Don't start to expect it.

Today was not a good day to commute to the city! I got to the train station at about 7:05 and got to the platform only to see this:

Come to find out that it had just happened minutes before I walked down on the platform. If you can't tell the front of the bus is still in the bushes and the back of the bus is over the tracks. Apparently the driver was just starting her day and had parked to get out and get a drink at the near by store and forgot to put the parking brake on!!!! Oh, I feel bad for her! And you thought you had a bad day at the office!

So the bus rolled backwards, over the edge, and onto the tracks. Keep in mind that trains come down this track every 5 minutes, so it was a miracle that it didn't hit a train and hurt anyone. The police were just able to stop the train that was coming before it got there. However, it still caused quite an issue for the commuters going into the city (yep, that's me).

Trains were still running from the city out, they just had to stop the ones going south to the city. So I had to go to the other platform to get on the train going north (I will explain in a minute). While on the other platform I was able to get a closer picture.

This is awful but the whole time (knowing that no one got hurt -- of course!) I kept thinking, "I wish I had one more day on the photo challenge for this week!" Even though I only had my cell phone with me this would have been a great photo for the subject this week. I would have submitted it even though it is grainy. The subject for this weeks photo challenge was transportation! Arrgh!

So here is a map to show you where I had to go. I had to head north to Hornsby (where the red line meets the yellow line), change trains, and go back south on the yellow line to the first station past the harbour (Wynyard). Besides being hot it wasn't actually that bad. I got to meet a very nice lady that was nice enough to talk with me on the journey. I also got to see parts of the norther Sydney suburbs that I had never seen before. It is a very green and beautiful place!

I did end up making it to work and it only took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. How was your commute today?

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Dera said...

Sure glad that nobody was on the bus and that no one was hurt. Sounds like a fun trek around the city though.