Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was talking to my mom on the web cam yesterday and told her that it was already St. Patrick's Day here. She asked if I was going to make fun green things for dinner. I said that I hadn't planned on it and Cooper probably wouldn't eat it anyway. So on the way to Cooper's swimming lessons I asked Madi if we should have green food for dinner. She was so excited and started naming things that we could have. Since I was planning on making Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner I just used a little food coloring magic and we had our "green dinner"! Cooper didn't want any sauce for his rice - but he ate the green peas. It also took us nearly 10 minutes to even get him to taste his lemonade. When he finally did he wanted more - crazy kid, this is why we tell you to try everything first!
Cooper and Madi always get excited to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. They like to pinch people who aren't wearing green. Madi was a bit worried until she realized that her uniform is green so she was okay. Last year for a week after St. Patrick's Day we had a new color we had to wear every day. Madi made signs for it so we could remember what color to wear. It was very creative.


Flint Family said...

I love the green Hawaiian Haystacks. It sure looks different green. Like something Shrek would eat. :) But, yummy!

We didn't do a green dinner. But, we had green eggs and ham for breakfast. Camden thought I had lost my mind. Ha!

Happy late St. Patricks Day!

Lisha said...

Amazing green colours! Did you know Harmony Day is on this week too, the colour for Harmony Day is orange.....any ideas for orange food?

Dera said...

Mark made green eggs and green pancakes and ham. He did it on Sunday because everybody was home.

Amy said...

You are a great mom Stacy! I completely forgot about Patty's day! My poor kids got pinched alot at school.

I also liked your little story with Madi. Kissing boys!! I can't imagine the stress. :) I LOVE the pinky promise. That is very sweet!

The Carlson's said...

I forgot to wear my green pajamas, so early in the morning as Brandon was leaving for work he had to scare the pinching leprechauns out of our room so the would stop pinching me. thank goodness Brandon was there to save me ;)