Monday, April 7, 2008


After weeks of training (practicing) Cooper finally had his first soccer game on Saturday. He actually had two games back to back. I have been a bit worried about how soccer would go. On the first practice I saw him crying so I asked him why on the way home and he told me that they were happy tears. However, the second practice found Cooper crying almost the entire time. He was so funny, he stayed out on the field and keeped kicking and running but tears were coming at the same time. So I asked him what the trouble was this time and he said that he didn't want to be sweaty and that the other boys were pushing him and he didn't like it. He is a little sensitive sometimes so I was wondering if soccer wasn't going to be his thing. Since that time he hasn't had any tears and he has enjoyed himself.

He could hardly contain himself on Friday night and I am surprised that he even made it to sleep. Saturday morning we got up early to make it to the game at 8:15 am. Due to the fact that I had been up with Rylee for a good portion of the night I thought that I could stay in bed while Madi and Rylee slept a bit and Kev and Cooper could head to the soccer game. Cooper had been so excited for daddy to go to his game and see him play. They were both really quite and left with hardly any noise (miracle for Cooper who talks so loud and slams doors constantly). However, as luck would have it Rylee woke up about ten minutes after they pulled out of the driveway and Madi followed close behind about a half hour later. There was about half an hour between games so Kev drove home and got the girls to catch the last game.

Cooper played so well. Unlike his big sister who used to saunter down the field paying no attention to what was going on. Cooper was kicking the ball and running around. He had the time of his life and the best part was that in each game he scored a goal! We look forward to seeing him improve and get out some of his constant energy on the soccer field.


Lisha said...

Fantastic Cooper, there must be striker blood in your veins :+) Way to go!

Mari said...

Way to go Cooper!! And he looks so cute in his kit!

Carli said...

What a good looking little guy.