Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This morning the routine went back into effect. We got up and got ready for school with much joy and rejoicing - and that was just from me! LOL! Really, the kids were so excited to get back to school. I actually don't mind having them around all of the time - they play well together most of the time and they entertain Rylee. What I love is a routine and someone else finding things for my children to do so I don't have to. So we had breakfast, got dressed, and I made two lunches and two morning teas.

Madi's uniforms have switched to winter uniforms. When we moved in they were just about to switch over to summer uniforms and so they told me just to get summer ones and not worry about winter yet. So we finally had to buy the winter ones - which are much more expensive than the summer tunic. She does look really cute in it though. She hates to wear tights and bottle green tights are part of the uniform - so maybe she will get used to them and not complain when she has to wear them to Church in the winter. She can also wear white socks if it is warmer weather, but she chose to wear the tights today. She isn't too happy with the white shirt however, because according to her it is a boy's shirt. The boys at school wear white button up shirts and grey pants so I can see why she thinks this. I keep telling her it is fine and it isn't a boys shirt. She can wear a short sleeve white shirt under her uniform, but I don't have one of those so hopefully she doesn't get too hot. We may need to go out on a hunt for one of those. She can also wear a white turtle neck - or skivvy as it is called here - but she hates to wear those so I think we will stick with the button up, "boys" shirt.

She doesn't look too happy does she? Right before it was time to go she and Cooper turned on the TV and started watching Astro Boy (a Japanese-like cartoon on Boomerage that they love). She wasn't too happy when I told them to turn it off because it was time to go to school. They just had to see the ending. Too bad the ending would have happened after the final bell at school. They weren't supposed to have the TV on anyway. Getting back into a routine isn't always easy!

So I am sitting here typing this post and enjoying the silence of my house for a while (Rylee is sleeping)!


Mari said...

Madi looks seriously unimpressed! That is such a funny photo!

Mari said...

PS - forgot to say that Madi looks lovely in the uniform!!