Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Cooper woke up this morning so excited for April Fools Day. His teacher at preschool had told him that day before that he got to tell jokes and tease people today. I started out by telling him the classic, "you have a spider on your head" joke. Neither him or Madi fell for that one.

Nothing much happened until after school. At dinner time Cooper told me he had told his friend at school that it was snowing outside. He thought he was so clever so I told him to go tell Kevin his joke. All I heard from the other room was, "Daddy, it's snowing outside." Then a laugh from Kev, to which Cooper responded, "April's Day!"

After telling Kev it was snowing outside he came and told me there was an elephant at the front door. He grabbed my hand and took me to have a look. We opened up the front door and sure enough no elephant. "April's Day mommy!"

He continued to tell jokes until he was in bed. He told me that he had until it was dark before April's Day ended. Of course bed time is after it gets dark - but I didn't tell him that. He was so proud of himself. This is the first time he has ever understood what April Fool's Day is all about. In fact, he is our first child to really tell jokes all day. I thought it was so funny! I am sure the jokes will get better each and every year.

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sirpa said...

Adiel got excited about it too! It was very funny. By the way, you should try convincing kids it's bedtime in a country that doesn't get dark in the spring/summer :-)