Saturday, April 12, 2008


We had a Saturday full of soccer today. Starting off the morning with a game for Cooper. Kev went to basketball in the morning at the Church and took Madi with him. Cooper's game was at the oval where he practices by our house so Cooper, Rylee, and I walked to the game and Kev and Madi met us there later. Cooper did a great job. He played most of the game and although he didn't score a goal this week he did a great job assisting his team. He seemed to like the half-time oranges best and continued to snitch them throughout the second half - even though the juice got into a cut on his finger. I was so proud of him. No tears, even though he didn't score a goal, and he worked so hard and never gave up.

In the afternoon we headed out for Kev's game. The kids wanted to go - although they didn't pay attention much to the game and drove me crazy for the time we were there. Needless to say we may not be attending many of Kev's games.

The game went well and no eye injuries - I still worry about this every time Kev plays due to the bad eye injury he sustained last year where he lost his vision for about five days. Side note: he did get hit with the ball this morning in basketball and his vision was a bit cloudy all day. However, nothing like the one he got last year where his pupil was blood red and he lost all vision in that eye. Maybe he is getting to old to play sports or he needs to wear racquetball glasses every time a ball is involved.

Anyway, I digress, Kev played well and seemed to enjoy himself. He is actually a bit frustrated about playing soccer. When he signed up they told him that all the games would be on a Saturday. Well, when they got the roster (schedule) five of the games are on Sunday. Needless to say he may go back to playing basketball on a competition team.

While Kev played we took a walk to a little park next to the soccer oval. It was a bit trashed and there were some interesting people hanging around so we didn't stay long, and the kids weren't very happy when I informed them that they couldn't stay by themselves. We did swing on the swings for a bit and found a fun little teeter totter that Rylee loved.

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Jones Family in Adelaide said...

Especially love the high and tight, John Stocktonish type shorts, Kev! Way to wear them proud! Looks like you are enjoying yourself and have found some good Aussies to hang out with!