Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Find some water of course!!! Yesterday late afternoon/early evening we headed over to the Sydney Olympic Park for some fun. We went to Bicentennial Park and found the fountains that Mari told me about - thanks heaps!! The kids had so much fun. They were literally soaked in seconds. We had a picnic dinner and the kids played for a long time in the water. Luckily I had come prepared and brought another change of clothes for the kids. Right behind where we had our blanket spread was a little opening in a hedge. So we went in there to see where it lead. There was a "secret garden" - as Madi and I began to call it. There was no one there so we had the kids change clothes (Kev held up the blanket for an extra screen). After changing we headed back to the park walking along the lovely trails and spending good quality family time together. Back at the park the kids had a great time playing on the equipment - especially the "spider web" ropes. Madi is our monkey (or spider man this time around) and with no fear was quickly up to the top of the ropes. Sometime we need to actually go see where the Olympic venues are - but there is so much around that we never even made it close. What a lovely place. We are going back again sometime to do more exploring!!

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Mari said...

Glad you found it... Looks like you had a wonderful time!!!