Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This morning Madi was up and dressed before 7:00. She was so excited to go to school!! She was even upset that I wasn't up and making her morning tea and lunch. Every 15 minutes I would hear - "Mommy, are we going to be late?" I told her so many times that she had plenty of time and we would get there before the bell rang. Finally, the time arrived to leave for school (I was glad that Kev worked from home today to watch over Rylee) and Madi and I left for school without the little ones. Of course we had to stop and take first day of school pictures - she didn't really have much patience for those.

They lined up in their old classes and are going to be in those for the first week until they figure out the student enrollment and teachers. I think this is a bit strange - or should I say different. Why can't they do this before school starts?! It is a bit odd!! Since her teachers both retired last year she did get a new teacher today - but it probably won't be her teacher for the year - but the class was the same, except in a different class room (go ahead be confused, I am!).

Anyway, this didn't seem to phase Madi and she had a wonderful first day of school. She even did a book report (which she reported to us at the dinner table - she is actually getting pretty good at oral reports and such). She did some math and her favorite thing, they colored an Aussie flag!!!

I am mostly excited that she finally gets to move on to Year 1 (1st Grade) and we don't have to repeat kindy again - a year and a half is enough I think. I can't believe how grown up she has gotten and how confident she is!


Mari said...

Madi looked very happy to be going to school!

Janae and Travis said...

Happy first day of School Madi! Hope you have a good teacher and lots of fun. Does that mean Cooper is starting pre-school too? Can't wait to hear more about that one as well.

Janae and Travis said...

Just answering your question about why I did the Urban shots. Some Utah 2 Peas ladies try to get together once a month and do something photography related. This time we wanted to try Urban shots. People are supposed to bring their own model (if they want) and we just go take pictures. I always seem to bring the models and everyone borrows them. That is okay with me I guess. It is just a way to get out and take some pictures. Then you can get ideas from others on posing and settings on your camera (if you need help with that) So these were just for fun. I keep thinking if I get to do enough of these eventually I will comfortable enough to start a small business. We will see.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, it seems like school just goiut out for her! Time is going by so fast!

The Carlson's said...

I hope Madi had a great week at school, since I missed the first day. She looked excited.

The Carlson's said...

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