Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a crazy Easter weekend - it was nice to have Kev home for a few extra days! We even had a fever for the little one which actually helped us to cut out some of our weekend - we will go to the Easter show next weekend.

Friday is a day off here and everything is closed - almost everything I should say - for Good Friday. I still find it very fascinating that an entire country shuts down for the day of the crucifixion of the Savior. Although most people just want another day off and don't really think about what it is for, I still think it is cool. Last year, I am embarrassed to say, I wasn't even sure what Good Friday was all about. First of all it isn't a holiday in the US and second of all I am a bit slow. To me Easter is more about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and not so much about his death.

Last year on Good Friday we thought we would go to IKEA and have a look around - to our surprise it was closed as was everything else in the shopping center except the movie theater so we went to a movie. In keeping with tradition we went to a movie this year as well. Monsters vs Aliens in 3D just came out and the kids really wanted to see it. Cooper apparently watched most of the movie without his glasses off - it was a bit much for him. Rylee even put on her glasses for some of the movie - although you should have seen her face when things came flying at her.
On Saturday we met a friend of Kev's from work and his family at the park for a picnic and a little play. They kids had a super swell time. We walked by the fountains on the way to the park and they were begging to get in the water. On the way back to the car the begging began again, I told them that it was okay but they would have to go home wet. The decision was made within seconds.

After a fun afternoon we hurried home to meet friends at our house for some more play time. The men went to the general priesthood session at the Stake Center and the rest of us stayed at our house to color Easter eggs. We were introducing an American Easter tradition to one of our Aussie friends and our Canadian friends have never done it either. Since it isn't something that is done around here there are no kits in the store to buy and no special crayons, stickers, stencils, etc. That's okay, vinegar, food coloring, and any old crayon will do. It was so much fun. Since the eggs here are all brown already no pastel colors will do only the bold ones - that means lots of food coloring. I think I was supposed to dilute the vinegar with water though - oops!

After priesthood was over some of our friends stayed to play games. We even ended up with some rock stars and a concert!!

Cooper, Adeline, Emma, Jocelyn, and Madisen

Just as we were finishing up is when Rylee woke up with a fever - that is when the weekend slowed down which is okay too. We spent the rest of the long weekend at home enjoying the spirit of Easter. We listened to the remaining sessions of General Conference that we hadn't gotten to and we enjoyed time with each other.

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