Sunday, September 6, 2009


Today is Father's Day in Australia. The kids have been so excited to give him the pressies they picked out from the Father's Day stall at school. I love to see what they pick. On Thursday morning I gave them each some money as they headed off to school. They came home with smiles on their faces and were so excited to show me what they picked and give me their explanations. Here are a few of those explanations.
~ A red water bottle from Cooper - "Daddy doesn't like blue mommy. He will love this!"
~ Some candies from Madi and a black pen - "There was blue or black mum. I know he doesn't like blue so I picked black."
The kids are convinced that because Kev is a Ute fan (you know the red team) that he hates blue (because of the Cougars). This is the basis of all their decisions. I never get anything red either.
This morning they presented their daddy with their treasures. The looks on their faces were pure bliss. The joy of giving present. It is so adorable.
Madi had written this in her card:
Dear Daddy,
Your nice kind too.
You sqeese me kiss me love me forever.
Your sweet as roses
Roses are read
vilets are blue
your so sweet
as the ocen too
Cooper's card said this:
My dad is called Kevin
My dad has green eyes
My dad smells like Tim-Tams
He is a work person
My dad likes to play cars and he likes to play Wii with me.
I think my dad is fun.
Dear Dad,
I hope you have a lovely Fathers Day
Love from Cooper
I think my kids are so lucky to have the father that they have. He is hands on and loves them very much. He works hard and provides well for us. We love him very much!!! xoxo


The Kotter Family said...

Aww those little letters/poems are so sweet! One question though...What are Tim-Tams?? lol Too funny about refusing to give him anything Blue! Good thing you got rid of that RED SUV of yours...Oh wait...What Color of Van do you got over there?? lol

Kate said...

That is totally gorgeous Stacy! You need to scrap those :)

Stacy said...

Rikke Tim-Tams are a yummy chocolate cookie that they have here. Which cookie Kev loves. I will have to send you some.

Yeah, I loved my 4-runner, but always hated that it was red. Our van in white - neutral. Good thing huh!!!

mindij said...

Happy Father's Day, Kev! Sounds like a great day and the kids know you well! :)