Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Rylee has been making us laugh so much as of late. She is developing her own personality and it is so fun to see her learn and explore the world around her. The best is when she dances. She has been doing this for a long time, but recently her moves have gotten so big and bold. She seems to have a nack for hearing the beat of any music around here and jamming out.

Recently we found a little piano on the curb during council clean up (more on that at the bottom of the post.....) After some new batteries it works great - well most of the time, sometimes it just seems to need a break and will stop working for a day or two. Rylee loves it. She will sit there and play it for the longest time. She will dance and sing sometimes too. You will have to watch the video to see what I mean. It is so dang cute!!

She also is getting more adventurous and exploring more and more of the house. This means that doors now have to be closed and we have to keep an eye on her always. Her favorite place to go is under the bar stools. It is so funny. She will sit under there and slide the stools around. She will get her feet up in the air to get the most momentum and then fling herself forward to move the stool. It is funny to watch. I took some pictures of a cute moment when Cooper decided to join her one day - what a great big brother!

Council clean up: Syndey is divided into councils - several cities are in one council. Twice a year each council has a clean up. This is much like when we have neighboorhood clean ups in Salt Lake County, except they don't put a big dumpster in the neighborhoods. Instead everyone puts their "junk" out on the curb and a garbage truck comes to collect it. We had our council clean up a few weeks ago. We had been looking forward to this because we needed to get rid of our damaged goods from the move. About a week before the clean up is scheduled to come around people start putting their stuff out on the curbs. Then you can actually go through and take anything that you want! It is so much fun. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" right?! Madi and I love it. We even spent some afternoons just driving around to see what we could find. We got a few treasures! The little piano is one of them - it is in such great condition. We also got some outdoor furniture - it is made of PVC pipe and isn't the best looking, but it will do for the time we are here. We also got a little ride on bike for Rylee when she gets older. Madi's favorite thing we found was a pink boogie board for her. Cooper was excited because we found a skate board for him. We can't wait until next time it is in our area. Each council does their clean up at a different time so we can find other treasures in other parts of the city all year long if we want.

Picture #1 is our stuff - half of which was taken away by treasure hunters. Picture #2 &#3 are some of the stuff we found.

When we were out looking for stuff one day I saw a nice outside dumptruck that Cooper could have. It was in such great shape. I picked it up and took it to the car. Upon arriving at the car I turned it over to show Kev and what was there? A red back spider. The first one we have seen. They are pretty much just like black widows except the red is on their back and not their stomach. I freaked out and threw the truck on the grass. Kev tried to get it out with a stick, but it just went farther and farther up inside the truck. This is the best picture we could get.

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