Friday, February 22, 2008


Sorry, I haven't been a very diligent blogger as of late. We have been sick around here for a while now. It all started about four weeks ago when Cooper got a small cold. I didn't think much of it - colds come and go. However, about a week later Rylee got it as well and Cooper still wasn't better. Soon after that I came down with it. It wasn't just your average cold either. It was one of those colds that you feel sick and really worn out, but not sick enough to justify laying around all day in your PJs relaxing. So we just kept plugging along. The problem with this cold is that it lasts about two weeks.

Pretty soon Cooper was beginning to yell and not listen. Here we go again. Last time he got a bad cold he did the same thing and we realized that he couldn't hear well. We got his hearing tested and it was caused by fluid behind his ear. It finally resolved itself. So here Cooper is yelling around the house and us yelling at him for not listening and telling him constantly to talk quieter. Finally last week I took both he and Rylee into the doctor. Sure enough Cooper had an ear infection and so did the baby. So thus begins our first round of antibiotics in Australia.

A few days later Kev finally got sick. He had an added cough that the rest of us didn't get to the extent he did. He has actually been sleeping on the couch because he doesn't want to keep me up at night (how thoughtful).

Then on Tuesday I met Madi at the top gate at school just like always. She came up and looked awful. She was running a fever and wasn't feeling well either. When we got home I gave her some medicine to help with the fever and she spent the afternoon watching TV - she didn't mind this at all. That night she seemed fine when I went to Book Club. However, when I returned Kev said that she took a turn for the worse. She was complaining that she had to throw up and her fever was back. He had given her medicine about two hours before, but she wasn't doing well. (She had fallen asleep on the futton with her head in the bowl Kev had given her and he couldn't resist taking a picture.) He had just put her to bed before I got home at 11:00pm. I went to check on her in her room and she was moaning in her sleep and burning up. Kev decided to give her a priesthood blessing and a half hour later her fever broke and she could go back to sleep. At 2 am I was woken up with Madi saying, "Mommy, I threw up and now my tummy feels better." Sure enough in her hand was the bowl I had put by her head while she slept out on the futton in the playroom. Needless to say she missed a day of school and is just starting to feel better. Hopefully we are all on the mend and we can get back to 100% soon.


Carli said...

Poor girl! There is nothing worse than feeling so sick you fall asleep in your spew bucket!

The Carlson's said...

I have had the same thing, except I had everything you all had, I have the cold, had the flu symptoms and as soon as I threw up my fever broke, which I only had the fever for about 2 hours, but still, now it is just a cold that is slowly getting better.

Anonymous said...

Repeat story at our house. Your dad got the flu also and slept on the bathroom floor.
Only lasted 2 days.
Glad your are feeling better.

Mari said...

Poor Madi..... but the photo of her with her face in the bowl is a classic!

Sirpa said...

Our sympathies for all of you! Erno's been having a diarrhoea for couple of days and now he's started throwing up. But otherwise he doesn't look very sick at all! He's not very tired and he plays and does everything he normally does other than complains of tummy ache occasionally and has a diarrhoea.

Dera said...

I guess that nasty bug doesn't just stay in one place. We can't seem to get rid of it either. Hope everyone is feeling better.