Wednesday, February 27, 2008


What does it take to make a little baby happy?One empty container with wheels on the bottom,and one sibling to push her around!Sunday afternoon Madi and Cooper put Rylee in this empty container and pushed her around the house for at least and hour. Rylee was so content and happy to be in there having a ride. What a life right?!

On Monday when the kids were at school Rylee found the container again and began playing with it and looking at me. I knew what she wanted so I took a turn pushing her around the house. Then of course I got out my camera and took some pictures - can't resist that!! I can just see the scrapbook page forming in my mind!!! This ride has become a daily occurance - at least once a day if not more. It is so cute!!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute baby she is.
I remember the bicyle basket, with Dera and Joey. Great baby sitter.

Mari said...

cute cute cute!

wendy said...

triple cute, love the hair bow and can't believe how big she is getting