Sunday, February 24, 2008

To Our Neices & Nephews...

This next post is directed to all of our Neices and Nephews. We are not sure if anyone is going to be interested or not but we feel like we would like to make the offer.

We would like to extend an invitation for any of you to come and live with us in Australia for a period of time (up to you). The limitation on this is the amount of time that you can get an Australian Tourist Visa for, which happens to be three months. We are more than willing to have you (with some rules - stated below) come and live with us for the full three months if that is what you want. You will just need to pay for your ticket over here and spending money on extras that you want to do. We will take care of the food, but you have to eat what we are having. Don't worry, to Cooper that means PB & J sandwiches almost every meal so you are safe if you like those.

Here are the rules though, just in case you think it would just be an extended vacation.
- We can only accomodate one at a time (If anyone even wants to do it?).
- You must be at least 14 or 15 years old (Realizing what it will take to do this we think there has to be a certain amount of maturity to be able to do this (fly over and back by yourself, take trains by yourself, etc.). Please don't think we are trying to eliminate certain people as we are not. If there are any questions around this the parents are welcome to discuss this with us.).
- You will help out with the housework (cleaning, dishes, lawn, etc. -- the same stuff you are probably doing now).
- I am sure all of you know this but just to state it as a rule, you will be expected to go to church each week (example to our kids).
- You need to realize that you will be living in a four bedroom house with a 6, 4, and <1 yr old. There will be crying, fits, and tantrums, and that's just me -- the kids may cry as well.
- Remember we only have one car and so, if you are 16 or older, you may not be as "free" as you are at home. You will be limited to what we are doing, which you may not feel is that fun. However, we do have an extra bike and the train station is only a 15 minute ride away.
- Your parents must be in full support of your coming over.

We will try and take you to visit as much as we can (beaches, opera house, city, zoo, etc.). We will also try and get you to as many church young adult activities as we can (we have been told that the dances here are amazing!).

There is the offer, if any of you are interested just let us know. Just send us an email and we can discuss.

Love Kev and Stace


Lisha said...

You forgot to mention the all important a must!

Janae and Travis said...

WOW I wish I was eligible...., or Paisley...That is so nice of you guys. I hope someone takes you up on it, what an opportunity! That is really nice of you guys.

Janae and Travis said...

I guess I think that is really nice of you, since I wrote it TWICE! I guess I really should do a proof read before I hit send.

Janae and Travis said...

grrrr now I wrote "I guess" twice. I can't WIN!!!

Kevin said...

Good point Janae! I guess we should say as well that if any of the parents (our brothers and sisters) want to leave their kids with their spouses and come and live for a couple of month (see the 1 person at a time rule) that would be OK with us. But you do need to get your spouse's approval!!!!

Mari said...

what a cool auntie and uncle you are!! We look forward to meeting a succession of nieces and nephews!