Thursday, February 7, 2008


Madi had her first Aussie swimming lesson yesterday. She was so excited. She has been dying to get into the pool since we had to sit and watch Cooper's lesson a few days ago. (Hopefully next term I can get signed up sooner and get their lessons on the same day)

She did well. However, she has a lot to learn. We definatley don't start swimming as early as they do here in Australia. There is another boy in her class and he is so far ahead of her. Oh well! I know she will be a fabulous swimmer by the time we return to the states. She loves it!
They do things a bit differently here. I think I mentioned that when I talked about Cooper swimming. They literally let them learn the hard way. Sometimes that means taking in a gulp of the pool. The instructor will let go of the kids and have them do their best, and step in to help when necessary. I am not sure how I feel about this - I hate swimming after all because a teacher made me jump off the high dive. However, it doesn't seem to phase the kids. They just keep on trying. I guess that is what parents do as well. I am not saying it is a bad idea. I just don't really like the water and have nightmares that my children will drowned. That is why they are taking swimming lessons - so that they can save me if they need to! LOL!!

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Sirpa said...

Our boys also had swimming lessons in Oz. They loved them first, but ended up hating them and now refuse to have lessons here in Finland :-/ They did learn heaps, but I too think that they go forward a bit too quickly in Oz. No wonder they're such good swimmers down under, though. I've tried to convince my kids that swimming lessons in Finland are nothing like the ones they had in Oz, that here they are FUN, but no luck yet. We do go swimming with them though and they like that.