Friday, February 15, 2008


It was hard for me to remember that Valentines Day was coming up. The weather is too warm and it is raining instead of snowing. We have never made a big deal about V-day around here. We have never had much money and it is such a pain to go out to eat with all the other love birds who have decided to celebrate. There was no exception this year. We decided to spend a quiet evening at home - mostly because we are all a little under the weather and because it is a school night.

I was surprised to find out that Kev had gotten a gift for both of us. We don't usually give big gifts on Valentines Day. In fact, the first Valentines Day that we spent together we went to Wal-mart and spent 15 minutes looking at the cards. We then chose one that we would have bought the other person and then showed them to eachother. We then put the cards back, and spent another 20 minutes finding a gift under $10. It was actually pretty fun. We did that for the next two Valentines Days - but the tradition has ended since we had kids. Anyway, back to this years gift. This is going to sound like a dumb gift to some, but I was elated. We got a new wireless router!! Now I can scrapbook in the other room and download papers and upload LO!! There is also the possibility that I will get a new upgraded computer. I need more RAM to meet my scrapping needs. We are still looking into this - it may not happen.
I also made sugar cookies while Madi was at school. I can remember as a kid coming home on Valentines Day and there sat on the kitchen counter a huge heart sugar cookie with my name on it. My mom made one for all of us. As an adult I realized that this was a nice gesture considering it was also her birthday and she was slaving away for us! So I decided this year to continue that tradition and made sugar cookies for my kids. Unfortunately I only had a small heart cookie cutter and not a big one like my mom's but my kids are small they don't care much. We decorated the cookies after dinner - because I thought I had powdered sugar (icing mixture) and didn't so Kev picked it up on his way home. [The one with all the sprinkles is Madi's.] Rylee even had one and was in heaven.

Kev surprised me by coming home a bit early and by bringing some flowers - always a nice gesture!! They were really pretty. Sorry, the picture isn't very good. We had a BBQ of pork chops and potatoes and then enjoyed our sugar cookies for dessert. We did miss Grandma Susan's cheesecake. Every year she makes one for us to eat - can't wait to have that again. I then realized that Kev didn't get his traditional b-day cheesecake either because they don't have Cool-Whip here so I didn't make it for him.

After dinner and our cookie treats we played a game of Sardines. This is like hide-and-seek except instead of everyone hiding and one person seeking one person hides and everyone goes out to find them. You then have to hide with that person until everyone finds them. I introduced this game to the kids Monday night for FHE and Cooper loves it. He wants to play it all the time now. It actually brings back memories of playing this at Ricks (BYU Idaho) in the Snow Building for FHE. This picture is of my favorite place Cooper found to hide.
Hope you had a great Heart Day as well!


Lisha said...

You guys look like you have so much fun, and Kev is very sweet to get you flowers. Who's a great mum (mom) now?

Dera said...

Mom claims she never made us heart cookies for Valentines Day and we tried to get her to make them for us since you posted it here and she still didn't.