Friday, February 8, 2008


Madi's friend Mylee from Eagle Mountain (although, they live in Lehi now) just read Flat Stanley in school and as an assignment had to send him out to visit people. She asked if he could come to our house and stay for a week. We had fun showing Stanley around and he is going home today. Here are some pictures of Flat Stanley in Sydney, Australia! Thanks Mylee for letting Stanley come visit!


Mari said...

Looks like Stanley had a "fine time" in Sydney!!

Amy said...

We just want to say thank you to Madi and the rest of the Hutchinson gang for doing this for Mylee! It has been fun looking at these pictures on your blog. WE just got the postcard today. It was so fun for Mylee to get that in the mail. She told me, "Look! Flat Stanley wrote on the card himself!! She was very excited!!!