Friday, February 22, 2008


We really weren't expecting anything in the mail and we got two packages and cards for V-day. I know it was a week ago - but I am a bit slow on the update. The cards started showing up for the kids a few days before Valentines Day. Cooper's came first and then Rylee's the next day. They were from Grandma Susan and had a $5 bill (AUD) in them. How nice for the kids to have money they can spend. However, Madi checked the mail box every day after that and no letter for her. I happened to talk to Susan and I mentioned it to her. She said that was odd since she sent them on the same day. (Madi's actually came a few days after Valentines Day - but she did get it!!)

The day before Valentines we got a package from my mom for the kids. There was candy and bubble tape and toys. Rylee got her first Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and has loved playing with it.

We were pleasantly surprised this week to get another package. This time from Brandon and Julie. Apparently, according to the letter inside, they sent it late. Plus it had to go through quarntine and customs. They got more toys, bubble tape (we are set for a while I think), and they sent some good old American candy bars!! (Madi is trying to claim that both teddy bears are hers and Rylee won't even know.)

Seriously, Brandon sent us a bag of fun sized candy bars and it has only been two days and we have almost eaten the whole bag. Kev has actually been craving a Butterfinger and I love the Baby Ruths. We are in heaven. Thanks!!!

I have to say that I understand now how missionaries feel when they get "real" mail. I always thought that e-mail was fine and "snail mail" was for the birds. Now I have had a change of attitude. It is so fun to actually get a letter or package in the mail! Thanks to all of you back home who are thinking of us and take time out of your busy schedules to send us stuff in the mail. The kids love it when something comes with their name on it, and it beats just seeing bills in the mail box!

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