Wednesday, August 29, 2007


#1. Kevin told the kids that when he was younger he wanted to be a super hero when he grew up (Spiderman to be exact) to which they both replied that they wanted to be a super hero as well. He also told them that he would wear his Spiderman "under roos" and jump on the couch and run around pretending to fly. Cooper decided that he should also be Spider man and proceeded to jump on the couch and run around (he has to be like his dad). However, he didn't take off his clothes - he seems to have an adversion to being non-clothed. Madi quickly took off her clothes, though, and decided that she would be "star girl" - since she had stars on her undies (very original). I was going to take a picture but decided against it - although I could have embarassed her later in life I suppose.

here is a picture of a superhero that was doing a show in Darling Harbor - it was a bit cheesy to be honest, but the kids loved it. This is how we got on the subject of superheros to begin with - the kids were telling Kev all about the show.

#2. I dropped my key to the apartment (it looks like a credit card, not a key) in the toilet when it fell out of my back pocket. Gross - luckily it was only #1. Leave the rest to your imagination. It still works in the door too!!

#3. Cooper has decided that Rylee's binky should be called a plug since it plugs her mouth - smart little man!!

#4. This one happened just last night (Tues. 28th). I was cooking chicken for dinner and forgot to turn on the fan over the stove (I am supposed to do this anytime that I cook) pretty soon a bit of smoke covered the kitchen - the oil in the bottom of the pan had burnt a little - and the alarm went off. They called down from reception to make sure that we were alright and then informed us that the fireman would be knocking on our door shortly - policy and they could do nothing about it. Madi and Cooper went out into the "back yard" (balcony) and watched two firetrucks pull up. Sure enough four fireman came to make sure that we were okay. They were very nice about it and asked if we had extra chicken because it smelled so good. I was a bit embarassed.
Sorry the picture is hard to see - I zoomed down from 17 stories. Kev said that I should have asked the fireman to take a picture with them. How embarassing!!!

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