Sunday, August 12, 2007

sad things that happened this week

#1 - We were sad to hear about the passing of President Faust. We heard about it in church today. He was a wonderful man who taught us so many things. The bishopric today suggested that we go back and review the things that he taught us over the past few months. I think that is a good idea so I am suggesting it to all of you as well. It is a little strange to hear about such events here in Australia. In Utah we would have heard about it on the news the day that it happened and we would probablly be able to see the funeral too - things are different out of Utah that is for sure.

#2 - We keep smelling second hand smoke in our apartment. We phoned downstairs and asked if people could smoke in the halls to which we were told "no". Then Kev asked how close we were to the smoking rooms. Come to find out that our apartment (which remember is really just a glorified hotel) is on a smoking floor. They told us that they only have two suites like ours and they are both on smoking floors. The only thing that they could do was to get us two rooms next to eachother - do you think that is going to work? Anyway, they did say that they have had complaints before about the smoke coming through the air ducts. It seems like they didn't set the place up very good - they should have one of the floors with the suites in it non-smoking. So we have been putting a towel in front of the door and it seems to be a bit better. It also seems to fluctuate depending on if there is anyone else in the rooms on our floor or not. This is another reason that we would love to move into a house.

#3 - Also, we found out that apparently we were supposed to call someone here, in Sydney, two weeks before we moved and we did not. This person is the liason between the two moving companies - one in the US and one here. She told us that they hadn't shipped our stuff yet - they have since, but it won't get here when it was supposed to. The biggest problem is that Madi's b-day presents are on the air shipment. They did call and tell us that our air shipment is now in the country, but it has to clear customs. We are praying that it gets here before Tuesday.

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