Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kev's New Commute!

Travis asked me how my new commute was going to be so I decided to just post it to the blog and let everyone see it just in case others were curious (And no, it is not for the sympathy!).

The picture to the left shows you the most likely route I will take from our house to the Epping train station. I went up and walked the route just to see how far it would be and it took me about 25 minutes to walk it one way. This is actually about what I expected as this will be about a 10 to 15 minute bike ride. I am also excited because the ride to work will be all down hill (less sweat!) and I will then get my work out on the way home. I am just glad that it is not the other way around!

Once I get to the train station I will catch the train from there to a station in the center of Sydney call "Town Hall". As you can probably tell, the station gets its name because it is right by the Sydney Town Hall building.

My work schedule is from 8 AM to 5 PM so I will have to be to the station, lock my bike up, and be on the platform before about 7:15AM to make the train that I need to catch. There are two trains that come about 5 minutes apart so I have that window if I miss the first train. However, if I miss that it is another 15 minutes or so before the next train.

The ride should be nice as I will have 35 minutes to do something I want to do, which is different from my previous Eagle Mountain commute where I had to pull over a number of times and take a nap because I was falling asleep at the wheel.

The last part of my journey will be from the Town Hall train station to the Amex building. This will be about a 10 minute walk.
This commute will definitely be longer than the commute I had in Eagle Mountain. That commute was about 45 to 50 minutes where this one in total will be between 1 hour and 1 hour and 10 minutes.

So, there is my commute that I know everyone wishes they could do every day, right! I just look at it this way; It will be good exercise with the walking and biking and I will get some personal time on the train. Who knows, I might have to start reading books or something!?! (Don't laugh Stace!)

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Janae and Travis said...

I'm glad its you not me, I could never do it. You know how us Coopers love our sleep. I actually went in to work at 7:00 all last week. I told Janae that I had a dilema, I love my sleep, but I also like getting off at 4, we will see if I keep doing it.