Sunday, August 12, 2007

Taronga Zoo

To celebrate our anniversary (9 years) and for Madi's birthday (on Tuessday the 14th) we decided to go to the zoo. We started off the day by walking to Circular Quay and then took a ferry across the harbor to the zoo. They drop you off at the bottom of the zoo - which is on a steep hill - so you get to ride the tram up to the top and then you walk down and catch the ferry to go home. We had loads of fun and saw so many things. They had a walk about in the Wild Australia section and the kangaroos (small ones) and wallaby's were not fenced in. If they came onto the path you could pet them softly, avoiding their face. The kids chased this poor wallaby around and thought it was so "awesome"!! The zoo has so many animals which are not at Hogle Zoo and they have many of each thing - so they have friends! We enjoyed our time there! There aren't any pictures of it, but we also saw a seal show. Madi made us sit down at the front where you could possibly get wet - we were lucky though and we didn't (Cooper wouldn't have been very happy). The seals are one of my new favorite animals -they are cute and playful!

I hope this video works - my friend Amy did it on her blog so I thought I would give it a try.

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We then walked home and stopped at McDonalds for dinner. Not my favorite place - and a great place for an anniversary dinner :( - but when you have kids sometimes you don't have many choices (especially when they are tired and have been walking all day). In Australia they have a new hamburger that doesn't have a name - the "name it burger" - they are having people vote for a name. Kev tried it, his name is the BTE Burger ("better than expected burger"). I am not sure what is all on it - but it has stuff inside of the hamburger meat (Kev is brave is all I can say).

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Janae and Travis said...

It can't be worse than a kimchi burger. Those are really popuplar in Korea. How do you make a burger out of a vegetable? I've always wondered that, thats why I've never tried vege-burgers. Or they also have onion rings, except they replace the onions with squid.