Sunday, August 26, 2007

ODE To the Tim Tam...


Oh how I wish I could share with you this wonderful treat!
from the land down under where the cockatoo's tweet!
(YELL and SCREAM is more like it!)

The package says, "Hide Me" and I understand why...
(Yes, I do hide them.)
Cause when I take them back and say, "No!" the kids start to cry!
(Don't worry, they do this with every treat! Stace too -- ha ha!)

Two chocolate biscuits with more chocolate in the middle,
(Sense a trend here?)
then covered in more chocolate just adds more to MY MIDDLE!
(I really have had way too many of them, ask Stacy!)

After Jessy taught us about the glorious 'Tim Tam Slam'
(Sucking up hot chocolate through your Tim Tam straw!)
more packages I throw -- when shopping -- into our pram!
(keep up, it's a stroller! And we have a big one too!)

And yes it's a lie -- that I really want to share!
(Just a little brown one.)
Madi, Cooper, and Stacy -- touch my 'Tim Tam', you better not dare!
(Just for the record I have shared a couple!)


Hutchinsons said...

Love it Kev!! Just so you all know he really does love his TIM TAMS! He can eat a whole package in one evening - thus the line about them going to his middle. They are an Australia treat!!

~chelsea~ said...

those look and sound sooooo good!!! your making my mouth water just looking at the picture (you know how i am with my desserts and stuff like that!)!!!!

Travis and Janae said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love them too!