Sunday, August 19, 2007


#1 - one day while we were out Madi and I saw a homeless lady in the bathroom washing herself and her clothes. When we left I told Madi that she didn't have a home to live in and that she slept on the streets. When we met up with Kevin, Cooper, and Rylee she said, "Mom, what would you do if you were a hopeless person?" As you can imagine we had a very good conversation about homeless people and Kev was so good to tell her that if you have any money you can give to someone who doesn't have any. To this she replied, "well all I had was my coat, my clothes, my sunglasses, and of course myself, but next time I will have some money."

#2 - One day while getting Rylee ready for her bath I took off her socks and proceeded to remove the sock fuzz from her feet. Coop asked what I was doing and I told him, to which he replied "I am going to call her fuzzy feet!" He has found that very funny and has now proceeded to call her stinky when her diaper is stinky.

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superhey said...

I love that you have them labeled as #1 & #2! We often find ourselves calling Max #1, Carly #2, and Gus #3! I guess once you get to three it's just easier to remember them by number and not by name.