Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kev's Thoughts (House Hunting)!

I hope you have all been enjoying our blog (Well, Okay Stacy does all the work so it is mostly hers). There was just one section that I wanted to talk about as Stace didn't take much time talking about it and I think that people would find it interesting. The subject is house hunting!

Stacy only posted pictures of the house that we liked and ended up getting. She didn't explain how lucky we are though. We have had a hard time finding 4 bedroom houses in our price range. Most all of the houses around Sydney that are on the train line are all older houses. Even the person that was taking us around told us the the "Modern" house that we found is very rare. Most of the houses are a lot older, have cracks in the walls, older weird pattered carpet, different paint colors, etc. I am not saying that they were bad, we actually liked some of them, but they are definately not what we are use to back in the states. I am going to show you some pictures.
This was the second house we looked at. It had a big canal running down the front yard. The first thing Stace and I thought of was our kids falling into it and us never being able to find them. These cabinets are typical of other houses we looked at. When you open them up the insides look like they were all unfinished in my opinion.
Some of the houses had carpet made of interesting colors.

The next house was nice and even had a pool. The only thing different about this house was that the master bedroom and a small loft were on a second level. The stairs were a little scary for me as I could imagine what I would have done with them when I was Cooper's age. It was also on a very busy street.

The next house had really cool ceilings. The house after this had the same thing. They told us that is was something they did back at the time these houses were created. The problem with both of these houses were a little older and had cracks in some of the walls. They told us that was normal. They had this house listed as a 3 or 4 bedroom house. Come to find out that the 4th bedroom was a 5 ft. x 8 ft. sun room in the front of the house. The only other thing that made me laugh was that the 2nd bathroom was pink and blue. The tub, sink, and toilet were completely pink. Cooper didn't like that very much!

The next house is one that Stace and I thought we might try for if we didn't get the one we got. Stacy described it as "Charming". It was a little older but still nice. The issue with it was that we either dealt with three bedrooms or we turned the family room into a bedroom (it did have doors).

The garage is pictured above and there was also a run down stable attached to it that I wasn't thrilled with. I could see the kids playing in there and hurting themselves. The garage is typical of most garages we saw. They were not kept up very well and they always told me it was just where you park your car.

The next house is one that we went back to see for the second time. It was a good price and in a nice neighborhood. It had some weird colors in some of the rooms (Madz liked the purple one above). It also had a crawl space underneath the house that gave me the creeps to walk into. I am just not use to crawl spaces.

The next house was on a HUGE hill and was in terrible shape. Even Sue (The lady taking us around) got in the car and said, "Well, we can scratch that one off our list."

The last house was nice but had way to much wall paper in the house, and it was all flowers! And how do you like the blue bath tub. I am just sad that I didn't get a picture of the pink one!

That was one long day, right Coop?!?

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