Sunday, August 19, 2007


As all of you know, I love American football (especially the BYU variety); however, since they don't have that sport here we have been watching Rugby and Australia rules football or footy. When we were here 8 years ago to visit John and Susan a friend of theirs actually took us to see a footy match and we liked it then, even if we didn't know many of the rules. Well, we have decided that between the two, rugby and footy, we like footy better. It is more fun. We really don't know many of the rules now either, so I looked them up on line today using Wikipedia. So that you can all enjoy the sport as well, here is the link
I think that if they introduced Australian football to the US it would be a huge hit. It is fast paced and can change quickly. The funniest thing to me (the athletic trainer in me) is when a player gets hurt play continues with the hurt player on the field and the physio (physical therapist or trainer, as far as I can tell) runs out on the field with everyone playing around them and assesses the player. They are so tough and wear no pads or helmets. They get hurt and it doesn't seem to phase them. It is a good time.
I will miss BYU football and will follow it on the net. If anyone can think of a way to record the BYU vs Uof U game on DVD and send it to us while we are here so we can continue the competition (we wouldn't want the children to forget who they vote for "blue team" or "red team," plus Rylee has to choose a side as well) plus any other BYU games that are on TV, let us know. I am giving you plenty of time to figure something out.
The only thing that we need to do is figure out a footy team to cheer on. We can't remember who Marv took us to see 8 years ago, John and Susan maybe you can help us out with that info.
Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!


Janae and Travis said...

You just need to get somebody to build their own tivo, and have access to the Mtn. If you build your own tivo, dvr, whatever, then it is basically just a computer and you can burn anything you want to disk. But I don't think that anybody will be doing that anytime soon, so you may miss out on the BYU games. I know somebody that has a home made tivo, but he doesn't have the Mtn, so he would be no help.

JM said...

Thanks for writing the blog. It is so fun see what you are doing and getting to know the kids better. Love ya -Marie