Sunday, August 12, 2007

Funny things that have happened to us this week...

....some of which were not funny at the time, but are more funny now.

#1. On Monday night after swimming while everyone was getting bathed and changed Rylee was sitting in her car seat and started to scream. We found Cooper around (no suprise there). He said that he was "dying on her", apparently he was falling down and pretending that he was dead and he landed on her feet. It took about 15 minutes to calm her down and she was scared of Cooper for the rest of the night. I hope that she turns out alright with the two of the bothering her all of the time.

#2. Wed. while house hunting with Sue we stopped at a Cafe for lunch and Madi wanted a tuna sandwhich. So I asked for one and Sue and the lady behind the counter started laughing at me. Apparently you say tuna with more of a ch sound at the beginning - who knew?

#3. Also, while house hunting everytime we got out of the car Sue would open the door for Cooper and call him "chicken". Every single time, without fail, Cooper would respond "I'm not a chicken, I's Cooper!!" It was so funny! We were laughing all day at him.

#4. One day during rest time I went to wake up Cooper only to find that he had written with crayon on the carpet in their room. Not that the carpets are really clean - they turn our socks black on the bottom. We had to ask the cleaning lady if she had anything to clean it off. Luckily with a scrub brush and some shampoo it all came out of the carpet.

#5. Watching Cooper and Madi chasing birds at the park!!

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