Monday, September 17, 2007


So here is my new hair cut. I had a really bad one in the city so when we moved I had to get it fixed and therefore had to get a bit cut off. The lady in the city didn't cut it by layers - like you usually do - she just combed it all straight and cut away. She then proceeded to add a few layers but didn't do any in the front. So the back was all layered. What ever she did to it made it flipped out no matter what I did, and then the front and sides did nothing and just hung there. She then decided, for some strange reason, to layer my bangs (fringe). She didn't speak much english (that is always a bad sign) so I couldn't say anything and I kept thinking that maybe they cut hair different in Australia. Anyway, I was very unhappy so I got it fixed and now it is much better. The biggest downfall is that I was trying to grow it out. Oh well!

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Dera said...

I love your new doo. I think that it looks great on you.