Monday, September 10, 2007

My View

I know that this may not be that interesting to people but thought I would put something in there while we are existing in this technological black hole right now. Excuse the photos, as they are taken with my new mobile phone camera, which is not the best camera.

I am on the 15th floor and if I stand up I look directly at the view you see above. We are right at the south end of Hyde Park. I labeled the opera house so you can see that the left picture is a picture to the left and the picture on the right is... well you get the picture (ha ha!).

Oh yea, if for any reason anyone needs to get a hold of us before we get our phone and Internet set up (on the 19th of this month, in case you haven't heard) I am going to email you our mobile numbers.

As for how we are doing, I don't have a lot of time but thought I would give a quick update. We have been going to our ward for a couple of weeks now. Stacy got a calling yesterday, but I will let her tell you about that.

We have had a good time (ha ha) learning how to drive on the wrong side of the road. We haven't even had any scratches yet!

Madi is going to be starting school sometime this week. We had to pay an out of country fee for her (don't ask - I am glad work is paying for that for the next three years) and get approval before they could accept her. She should be starting Tuesday or Wednesday.

Cooper caught a cold and has give it to Rylee. The nice thing is that is has made her tired and so she has slept through the night both last night and the night before. However (you parents will understand this) I had to do what I call the "Death March" down the hall and into her room each morning. You know, when you both wake up and ask if the other got up with the baby the night before. When both of you say no the first thought that goes through your mind is, "I hope they are still alive!" Stupid as that may seem it is really the first thing that happens. This is followed by Stacy saying "Will you go and check on her?", which is intrepreted as "I think she's dead and I don't want to be the one to find her. You do it!" Of course when I got there this morning she was completely covered by the blanks and I didn't see any movement so I thought for sure this would be the time that the results of my "Death March" would be less than favorable. But "No Worries!" all was fine and she was just sleeping peacefully!

Other than that we have been buying things like crazy trying to get our house in a some what functionable state. If you don't know I really don't like shopping. (Unless it is for some cool electronic gadget, which we did get -- a GPS navigation device so Stacy can just click on the home button and it will tell her how to drive home!)

All is well and hope all is well with each of you!


Travis and Janae said...

I know Janae can relate to the "Death March" she is always worried when Paisley sleeps through the night. I'm sure the same thing will happen when Regan sleeps through the night for the first couple of times.

JM said...

Thanks for the update, we miss you guys! -Marie