Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our New Ward!

This is a picture of our new ward house (Normanhurst Ward). We have now been there 4 times. Everyone is really nice and they have all done a good job at making us feel accepted.
We heard our first swear word over the pulpit today from the Bishop's daughter. The funny thing is that "Hell" and "Dam" aren't swear words hear so I guess it technically isn't swearing, right!?!
Stacy also got sustained in her new calling. She is now the 2nd counselor in the Primary. We were joking today that she must not have learned what she was supposed to because this was the exact same calling she just had in our last ward. I guess you can't run away from a calling huh!
Today a member of the high council pulled me into a room to talk to me. He said he just needed to get to know when and what my work schedule was like. Then I found out that the Elder's quorum president just left. We will see what happens.


Travis and Janae said...

Elder's quorum huh? That is the exact reason Travis is so happy to be leaving our ward. Hes sick of Elders quorum. Glad you like your new ward. Hopefully there are some fun game players in your ward that can come over for Sunday dinner so you won't miss us too much.

Travis and Janae said...

We had some missionaries in the MTC from Australia that "swore", said hell and damn all the time. The teachers tried to work with them on cutting it out of the language. It is weird how language is different all over the place.

Rikke said...

I was wondering what your new calling was...Well your definitly good at that one! Im sure all of the kids in your new ward will be blessed to have you in the primary pres.