Thursday, September 20, 2007


We have to go old school around here. The dryer is so small that I can't dry everything in it or it would take all week just to get the laundry done, and I have better things to do with my time. So if it is not underwear, socks, or Kev's work shirts (he doesn't like to iron and they are wrinkle free) they get hung out to dry. I am not very good at this and I am sure there are quicker ways to get it done, but I am learning. (If anyone has any advise on the best way to put your laundry on the clothes line let me know.) I am not sure if I like this. I always worry about bugs climbing in the pockets of the pants or birds pooping on the clothes. Plus they aren't always as soft and wrinkle free as they would be if done in a dryer. However, I keep reminding myself that I am helping out the environment and they do come in smelling of flowers from the backyard!

The other thing that we don't have is a dishwasher. The owner of the house said that we can install one if we want and then take it when we go. We haven't decided if it is worth it or not. We had to get some more important items like a fridge and washing machine (I am not washing clothes by hand that is for sure). So for now Kevin and I are the dishwashers. It hasn't been so bad for now. I wash the dishes in the morning and Kev usually does them after dinner.

Old school isn't so bad. It helps us to remember how spoiled we actually are. A little humility never hurt anybody, right?


Travis and Janae said...

I washed my clothes by hand on my mission. NOT FUN! I don't have any ideas on how to get them to dry, it took days inside our apartment. Most of the time we couldn't even walk in the kitchen cause there were garments strung through the whole kitchen. When it was nice weather we would hang them outside our window, but often we would come home and find them 7 floors below on the ground. So I know what you are going through. NOT FUN! Heres wishing you the best and help getting a washer and a dryer!

Travis and Janae said...

We had to hang dry clothes in Korea too, but we always did it inside, we had little racks, probably bigger than what Heather was using at University Village, but with the humidity sometimes it would take days for clothes to really dry. I feel for you, you should talk to Heather though, I think she has a lot of experience with hang drying clothes.

Jones Family in Adelaide said...

Not to make you paranoid or anything, Stacy, but this week Kelli had a run-in with a Huntsman on our clothes line. It's been recommended to us by the 'natives' to not leave your clothes out over night ... all in all I would have paid money to see Kelli's reaction to the spider!

Anonymous said...

You have really gone back to the old days. I remember hanging clothes and the only thing great about it was the incredible smell bring them in off the line.
Try hanging the shirts from the bottom side seams, with clothes pins. Pants from the waist side seams. Everything else from the middle like you have been doing or the edges.
The worst part about hanging clothes was winter. Your hands would get so cold and the clothes would freeze.

Hutchinsons said...

At least we won't have to worry about cold winters here. The worst thing is the rain and I have an indoor rack as well to hang things on. It is just smaller.