Monday, September 17, 2007


My parents are moving from West Valley to West Jordan soon from the only house that I remember (I was 3 or 4 I think when we moved there). There are so many memories and good times in that house, many tears (mostly from laughing really hard, right Jules?!), and much, much laughter. Julie put it so well on her blog that I have copied it onto mine:
Well, I just thought I should share a little story. Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess and... oh wait not that kind of story. This one is a true story, one of laughter, tears crisis and a lot of joy. It all started when my parents moved into a new house 28 years ago. Joey was two and Travis and I were not yet in the world. It was a beautiful new house and it was theirs and was ready to be worn in. There were children that ran away, and always seemed to come back. Stacy in a tree and falling on Robert, Stacy I understand did not see Robert and that he appeared out of no where, but Robert says for sure she saw him before she jumped. Boys being boys and trying out a pully system on the swing set, which ended in a huge bucket full of sand and rocks to fall on the head of Joey. The boys digging large holes in the sand box and telling little me to get in the hole, after getting in the hole covering it with a board that was to heavy for me to push off. Stacy laughing so hard at almost every meal that she would just get "the look" from my Dad and went straight to her room where she had to stay until she could stop laughing, which took a few trips up and down the stairs. Cars totaled, dishes washed, beds made, laundry done, games played, high school dances, graduation, college moves and many more great things. Many things broken and then fixed and then broken again. Chores to do, at crazy hours, and beans, strawberries and many other garden items picked and canned, weeds pulled and flowers planted. Two wedding receptions, seven children married to 7 amazing spouses and 18 grandchildren later we come to the end of a house that I have always known. My parents will be moving into a house that will be better to live in as my parents get older and there family gets bigger and bigger. A place that will have just as many memories as the old house plus some. .....So we are all excited about the changes that are about to happen a lot of moving is a good thing. CHANGE IS A GOOD THING!!!!! Congratulations Mom and Dad on the new house!!!
I am so excited to see it when we get back. I have heard that it is a nice house that will fit their needs now and in the future! Congrats mom and dad!!


AmyG said...

My parents are in the process of moving too after living in their house for 30 years. I think it will seem a little weird for a while. Especially for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Julie for the great ode. We have many fond memories, as each of you do also. It would be really great to have each of your write your feelings and memories for all to read. We love the new house and not sure where all the boxes came from that are now in the "sorting room". We have many things to do, like canning and packing the garage and traveling back and forth for church. Maybe next week things will begin to feel normal. Mom