Sunday, September 23, 2007

Madi's Troubles!

For this story I have share with you a picture of what our house looks like. I had to create this so we could ask our landlord things like, "Can we put a TV jack here?" or "Can we hang a picture here?" You know, one of the disadvantages of renting!

You can't see it on the drawing of our house plan but there is an opening in the wall between the kitchen and the room that goes out towards the back of the house (top right), which has been turned into the kids play room.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen and Madi and Cooper were playing in the playroom. Madz said, "Dad, reach over and get my sucker stick and throw it away!" Of course I replied and said, "You have legs -- do it yourself." Remember, she would only have to walk about 15 feet around to the kitchen. She replied, "I am so tired of you making us do all this walking!"

It made me laugh at how quickly she reverted back to her old ways and forgot the time when we had to walk everywhere when we lived in the city. Sorry to make you use your legs Madz!

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Travis and Janae said...

I agree with Madi, too much walking is a bad thing. Okay, I guess walking is okay for you, but I think I do the same thing to Janae, I beg her to do stuff for me so I don't have to get up and go 15 feet to do it myself. How are things going to be now that we have a lot more space? I won't ever want to get up to go do things.