Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Tale of Three Rings

Once upon a time -- in the not so distant past -- two people were married and a ring was given! This picture (not the real ring in case you were wondering) represents that first wedding ring that was give from Stacy Dawn Cooper to Kevin Sharp Hutchinson to show her undieing love for the man she was about to spend the rest of eternity with!

Little did they know that only a couple of years later an unfortunate event would prevail that would render the ring LOST ... forever. For those of you that don't know the story Kevin was taking the young men biking in Yellow Stone and the group stopped at the 'Fire Hole' to go swimming. One of the young men wasn't going swimming so Kevin asked him to hold his ring so it didn't slip off his finger in the water to be drowned to the depths there of.

Well, needless to say, the ring got lost anyway. The young man, who was about to go on his mission offered to pay for it out of his mission savings account. Of course I took the money!!!! Just kidding, Kevin just told him that he was OK with it but he had to break the news to Stacy!!! (You should have seen the look on his face.)

Needing a ring, and being a little short on funds, Kevin and Stacy ventured to the 'West Valley' mall, where they ended up buying this lovely CTR ring to show Kevin's devotion to the fact that he 'Chose The Right' woman to marry! (Plus it was in the budget!)

The problem that Kevin soon had after moving to Sydney was one that couldn't have been avoided. Since the temporary residence that they were residing in had a swimming pool on the top floor they had to visit the pool often. One fair night, as the family was swimming, Kevin and Stacy noticed that the water seemed a little funny and that a weird film was covering them as they got out. It didn't matter that both of the children developed rashes, what really mattered was that Kevin's 'ring of love' -- however tattered it had become -- was now purple! (The picture does not do it justice!)

Was the newly tarnished ring destined to be a sign of the love that existed between Kevin and Stacy? But alas! Of course it was not to be such a sign ... for as they were walking a couple of days later down the busy streets of Sydney what should appear before their very eyes? A ring shop you may ask! But no! It was .... a 'Souvenir shop' that the suffering couple had wondered into (you know the kind that sell cuddly kangaroos and boomerangs that actually work!).

In the shop the couple came upon a certain turning rack that brandished all sorts of amazingly ornate jewelry! The kind that is supposed to last forever!?! ON THAT VERY RACK, AT THAT VERY MOMENT, THEY KNEW IT WAS MEANT TO BE! But what should appear before their very eyes but a new ring that seemed to call out Kevin's name as it said, 'Buy me!'

That was all it took! A few unspoken words from a FINE piece of jewelry that was actually the right size and it was his. Even to this day the new ring sits on his finger as he types this wonderful story! The best part is that within one week of buying this new ring he had the best of a complement thrown at him as there had ever been. A friend of his said, "That is coolest wedding ring I have ever seen!" And all that coolness for just $8.95 AUD!!!!


Travis and Janae said...

Man, I wish I had the ring of power. I just hope it doesn't change you, you know how these type of rings can affect you, and you won't even know it. I liked the story, it was fun to read, maybe I should lose my ring so I can get a cool black one like that.

Kevin said...

I thought my finger would turn green after the first week or so but it hasn't done anything like that. It also seems to be indestructable. I accidentally scraped it on a wall and thought it was going to be gouged but there wasn't even a scratch on it! It truely is a ring of power!