Monday, April 19, 2010



Saturday we headed to the beach for the last time.  This was something that Madi wanted to do before we left.  Saturday was the perfect day for it.  The water was even warm – so they tell me, I didn’t even put on my suit knowing I probably wouldn’t get in. 

We meant to only stay for a few hours, but stayed much longer than that soaking in the sun, exploring the rock pools, looking for seashells, and just having fun.  We turned and said our goodbyes as we left – realizing that the odds are we won’t be back to see the beach in Australia.

WeDSC_0152 went to Avalon beach for our last time.  Mainly because there are lots of rocks on the north DSC_0060side and lots of little pools of water.  Rylee loves the water, but hates the waves so we thought this would be perfect for her.  Boy was it ever.  She didn’t want to leave the water and kept telling me it was her bathtub.  The little shelled creatures hanging onto the rocks were no match for her.   She was pulling them off so fast and throwing them into the water.  She wouldn’t believe me when I told her that there were little animals inside.  Hopefully they all survived the hands of a 2 year old.



superhey said...

That looks like so much fun. I love to beach too! That was one of my favorite things about the time we spent in Hawaii. We went snorkeling almost every day after school. These will be the times that your kids will remember and look back on fondly as the good times. I still am amazed at how much Rylee looks like Madi! So cute!

wendy said...

looks like fun and what great memories